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It was wonderful to read Bruce’s story and if running and faith are important in your life or someone you know, his book might make a great gift this year. (Read entire review here.)

Nick F. (Pennsylvania)


I received your book from my co-worker as a Christmas present and I just finished it.  I just wanted to say thank you!  I loved every word of it.  I am 53 and on a health journey for a couple years now, I have lost 60-ish pounds with many more to go.  I am on and off with the walking.  I need discipline classes!!   I just thank you for bringing me much clarification that I did not even know I was seeking!!!!!!  So, thank you, again!

Kristen C. (Richmond, Virginia)


The best book I’ve read in a decade!  (Entire Review)

Trent N.  (California)


I loved your book.  Ravi Zacharias was right “anyone ready to embark on this race … will profit by going with Bruce.”

Dan L.  (New York)


I really hope that you can read this book.  Its faith-filled, inspiring work that really spoke to my heart.

Barbara T.  (Virginia)


I loved your book. It must have taken a lot of time to write. Thanks. It was great.Funny. I listened to your book on my way home today. My brother Jeff wants me to run the Shamrock marathon in March. He also ran the Marine Corps Marathon many times with my dad in the 80’s.  He lives in Va Beach area and I used to live in Richmond. There were so many parallels, it was amazing.It was a great book and great apologetics.  Thank you!!!

Tom C.  (Alabama)


Bruce, just completed your book – loved it! Two of my favorite subject matters and you kept me extremely interested in both throughout. I definitely related to your experiences in running marathons and kept thinking your discovery in discipleship was similar to the style of Lee Strobel, whose books I particularly enjoy. Finally, anyone that can reference Springsteen, not once or twice, but three times!, and Malcom Gladwell’s ‘Blink’, is okay in my book. Great stuff. Thanks again for letting me in on your work. Oh, and your final thoughts from Alistair Begg regarding keeping the main thing, the main thing, when getting caught up on the why and how of God and His plan, was right on point. Thanks.

David H.  (North Carolina)


[The Race Before Us] combines both my interest in Christian doctrine and love of running.  The author, Bruce Matson, outlines his journey of health and spiritual renewal by preparing for marathons and listening to Christian apologetics podcasts during his training runs.  With his legal background, he’s trained to ask the probing questions to both the Christian and atheist arguments that I often thought about, but could never clearly articulate.  The conclusions he came to in his book were both convincing and satisfying.

. . .  Years ago, I resolved in my heart and mind that God does certainly exist and Christianity is the most logical religion, but this book provided a timely reinforcement.

. . .  Bruce’s personal running journey provided an inspirational metaphor on his quest to come to conclusions on his Christian faith.  He was also able to tactfully include the many Bible references to running.  The book provides a nice balance of his training and race experiences and his journey to come to conclusions on his faith.  I think many runners who read the book will be able to relate to the insecurities of starting a running program and eventually triumphing with a marathon.  (See Entire Review).

Charles D.  (California)


Most books that look at the reasons to believe the Christian message offer arguments. And while there’s nothing wrong with arguments, our hearts are wired to respond to stories.

In The Race Before Us, Bruce Matson presents the reasons to believe in the context of his story as a lawyer, thinker, husband, father, and runner. Told with great transparency and candor, the book can help both believers and seekers in the race God sets before us.  (See entire article at Religion Today)

– Jim Tonkowich (Virginia)


The Race Before Us has been a Godsend for me since I too had been facing similar health challenges and life questions in my life, albeit in a smaller measure.I had heard Bruce at a Christian conference. The subject of running really fascinated me and I knew immediately that I had to read his book.I plunged headlong into the book and his journey of running and faith really touched a chord within me. He comes across as “superhuman” on running matters and very “human” as he grapples with faith issues and one can easily relate to him.He “unpacks Apologetics” for the reader simply. The arguments are presented very logically and given that he is a lawyer by profession I would not argue with him. He tears apart the arguments of Atheists who basically just ” change the question” and helps us understand the games they play.Bruce is clearly very self driven and a high achiever. His personality has dominant attributes of intellectual curiosity, self-confidence and self reliance (like most of us). One can easily appreciate the internal struggle he was going through trying to accept Christianity as “true” and the fear of accepting Christ unconditionally and all the “uncomfortable changes” it would entail.

He has really researched the material for the book and the bibliography bears evidence of that. The various marathon locations are beautifully described and give us a good “sense of place” (New York and Richmond in particular). There are very few instances when he lets his emotional guard down and understandably so. One occasion when he does so is when he describes the Valdez family and we get a glance of the gentler side of the man.

For those of us who have similar life questions – “what do I really believe about Christ” or “what is most important in life”, this book is a “must read”. It may not have the answers to all our questions but then at the end of the day its about embarking on a journey and taking that “leap of faith”.

Really looking forward to his next book.

– George V.  (Hyderabad, India)
  1. #1 by Andrew Blair on October 17, 2013 - 9:12 pm

    I have known Bruce as a golf writer for many years, so I was curious if not excited to see that he had done a book on running and faith. The Race Before Us is an inspiring exploration of doubt and faith with an emphasis on the arguments for the existence of God. At the same time, Bruce’s book is about overcoming physical challenges and learning to run (and running marathons, including Boston and New York) later in life. It’s both a primer on Christian apologetics and a primer on becoming a runner. Anyone thinking about starting to run (even at 50 years of age) and anyone wondering about life’s big questions will profit for going on this journey of running and faith.

    -Andrew Blair (Virginia)

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