Run, Don’t Walk

I usually do not blog about my running – mostly because its slow and boring, but today I had my first run in two months.  It was certainly the longest stretch of time without a run since I started running in 2007 (which, of course, is part of my story in The Race Before Us).  The reason for my absence from hitting the streets, of course, was my long walk in northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago as mentioned in my Walk, Don’t Run post.  (More from the Camino in my next post.)

scan0001 - Copy

I was a little apprehensive as to how this “first” run might go, but it was a great experience – four easy miles around the neighborhood on a magnificent spring morning.  I’m not only back from Spain, but I’m back to running.  I am enthused now to tackle a marathon training program and get prepared to challenge the New York City Marathon in November.

The Richmond Marathon is two weeks after New York.  Next week Richmond runners who are part of the Sports Backers Marathon Training Team (“MTT”) will start on a 24-week program to hopefully complete the 26.2-mile run through Richmond on November 15.

It’s still not too late to sign-up.  As I wrote in my Faith & Values column, I know I could never have completed my first marathon without the help of the MTT program and the great coaches that volunteer their time to get slow, boring runners across the finish line.  It’s not too late – run, don’t walk to the Sports backers website and sign-up.


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