THY CAMINO: Gratitude II


The Walk Before Us – A Step at a Time on the Camino de Santiago 

I neglected to include one person to whom I very recently expressed my gratitude. It seems as though I was walking along the other day on the Camino (listening to my iPod) when I followed the path (which appeared very similar to the way marked trail) in a wrong direction, deep into some farmer’s fields of young growing wheat. After some 30 minutes or so I noticed a farmer on his tractor coming towards me. I waived a hello and moved out of the way. The tractor stopped. I glanced above. The farmer was gesturing that I had gotten off the Camino as he pointed to a point that was a considerable distance back. There was little for me to do but retrace my steps when the farmer tapped on the tractor and motioned for me to jump on. He took me all the way back to where the trail split. Thirty minutes later I came into Granon where my Italian friends were having lunch. They invited me to join them as they explained how they waved and yelled and whistled to me when they saw me going astray. But with earphones I heard nothing.

My tractor ride will forever be part of my Camino experience and I will forever be grateful to my Spanish farmer friend for giving me that ride.




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