Thy Camino: The Walk Before Us III


The Walk Before Us – A Step at a Time on the Camino de Santiago 

This will be my last “introductory” or general post about “Thy Camino,” which I guess is good since I’m already over two weeks into the trip. Hopefully, there will be more specific and more frequent “Thy Camino” posts as well as the more “travelogue” – My Camino posts.

With Easter still a near memory, it is useful to look at the most important reference concerning our obligation to follow “Thy Will”. It was of course in the garden (on the eve of his crucifixion that Jesus said: “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”

The other important and obvious (so obvious I wonder how often I said it and did not take to heart what it really means) reference to “Thy Will” is in the “Lord’s Prayer.” Jesus said: Pray then like this: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be down.

If you are a Christian, every time you repeat the Lords Prayer you are acknowledging that your plans (“My Will”) are secondary. For me, one of the “epiphanies” for me in analyzing issues of faith was realizing how much MY PLANS and my objectives had overwhelmed or suppress what might be God’s Will – God’s plan for me.

As I’ve indicated before, once someone comes to faith, the task “set before them” is how to live more as a disciple – how is it that conform our lives, how is it that we have been changed? I have written earlier (during my time in Oxford) about how coming to faith really involves – not a “blind leap,” but the placing of trust in something (someone) you have acknowledged to be real and true. The premise of the blog then is that a Christian has already chosen between “My Will” and “Thy Will” when they believed in (“who shall ever believe”) accepted Jesus (when they “trusted”). It seems to me that by definition that if you have come to faith – come to trust – you have acknowledged that God’s will (“Thy Will”) is primary and paramount, but the task (“the race before us”) – the very hard job – for each of us is (1) to discern God’s will and (2) to follow Thy Will.

While perhaps I will spend some time on discernment, the major point here, the “final” introductory” point, is that we actively resist Thy Will – rather, we are so confident in our own abilities or we are so driven to our personal desires and objectives that we ignore or suppress Gods will. The process we need to go through – a major topic of my thoughts along the Camino – is how to more regularly and more automatically look for Thy Will and at the same time recognized that My Will may be focused on more personal or selfish agendas, if not the pursuit of other idols ( in my book The Race Before Us, one way to look at the three “Ps” was to see them as false idols.

Not to lose heart though – the process (a fancy word might be “sanctification”) takes time, which is why Paul used the race metaphor so much. He knew we would slip and fall (when “My Will” takes over) and that we would have to get up and “press on.” In fact, we are never likely to win the race, but we hope that when the race is over, we are greeted by “well done, good and faithful servant.”










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