THY CAMINO: The Walk Before Us II

I had planned on longer posts, but it may be easier to break some of my musings up into two or three parts. I mentioned in the first part of “The Walk Before Us” that, as used in Hebrews and as used in a number of Paul’s letters, the “race”metaphor refers to our Christian walk (very appropriate for a Camino blog) – how is it that we should live our lives once we have come to faith – come to trust in Jesus Christ. In that sense then, this blog and “The Walk Before Us” begins where my book (The Race Before Us) left off. By this I mean, once you come to faith, what next? The answer of course is that recognition of the truth of Christianity should change your life – you should be transformed. You now have a new worldview that informs every aspect of your life. As C.S. Lewis wrote, if Christianity is not true, then it is of little significance, but if it is true, it is of ultimate importance. But the one thing it cannot be is of “moderate importance.”

This quote by C.S. Lewis is so vital to me because, the best I could tell, that’s exactly how I looked at church and my faith for the first 50 years of my life. So, better grasping what that really means in terms of the why I live my life now (what should my priorities be, etc.) is one of the things I hope to explore during this walk. I’ve learned that this life of striving ever more to conform our lives to that of Jesus’ is a process known as discipleship or sanctification. Thankfully, it is a process. It takes time. It is a marathon, not a sprint – thus, it us the “race” (or, the “walk”) before us.

During this walk then I hope to explore what it means – what it looks like – to be a disciple of Jesus. Many are uncomfortable about thinking – or, heaven forbid, speaking – in those terms, but you cannot have it both ways. Many avoid a serious commitment (as I did – see The Race Before Us) because they recognize what it means to sincerely and seriously follow Jesus. And that brings us back to the theme of “My Camino – Thy Camino” because, if you have made the serious, honest commitment because you know Christianity is true, you have no choice- in trusting in Jesus, you have subordinated “your will” (“My Will” for our purposes) to God’s will (“Thy Will”).

When we properly understand these matters, we realize that the uncertainty or the reluctance to accept Thy Will is the ongoing desire to “have it our way” or to “do it our way”. When understood in that way, it should be easier to see that the “race” of a Christian essentially comes down to “My Will or Thy Will.”





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  1. #1 by Barbara Tucci on April 15, 2014 - 3:19 am

    The idea of “not being able to have it both ways” really hit home with me. I pray that I can “walk the walk” in all I do. A priest who is a good friend if mine, always challenges me to live the Gospel in actions, not just words.
    Keep up the race!

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