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The Race Before Us looks to point readers to good writing on running and/or faith and we are particularly interested in commending articles or posts where we see an intersection of faith and running. This post by Maybe Marathoner seems to capture that crossroads even if not explicitly. It reminded me of the following that Michael Ramsden said about gratitude, which I think is worth contemplating when reading through this “reblog” –


“In life, we are made happy not by what we may acquire but by what we appreciate. And, if you ask me, the trouble we have today is not that we have nothing to be grateful for but we feel we have no one to be grateful to.”

Maybe Marathoner

I don’t know how many of you are regular Runner’s World readers.  I want to pass on this story in the hope that on our next run, we can all take a moment to remember a special runner–the oldest female finisher of the NYC Marathon this year.

Her name is Joy Johnson.  She ran the race on Sunday at 86 years old.  She finished in 7:57:41…her 25th NYC Marathon finish.

Joy Johnson at the 2011 New York City Marathon


Ms. Johnson passed away on Monday.  Per the article:

As the New York Daily News reports, Johnson fell and hit her head on pavement near the marathon’s 20-mile mark. Medical personnel wanted to take her to the hospital, but she insisted on finishing the race, said her sister, Faith Anderson. Johnson finished in 7:57:41, her 25th New York City finish.

Johnson, who was from San Jose, California, and Anderson joined a crowd outside at the “Today” show at Rockefeller…

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    very touching.


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