Agreeing with Dawkins

I had to conclude that Dawkins didn’t write The God Delusion for someone on an honest quest. Rather, he apparently wrote the book to make money and to pander to individuals already inclined to agree with him.  (excerpt from The Race Before Us)

You might watch out for locust and fire if you hear that I recently agreed with Richard Dawkins on an issue of faith.  In my book I was highly critical of this well-known, outspoken (if not aggressive) atheist.  Recently, however, Dawkins was highly critical (calling them – “sanctimonious little prigs”**) of student union officials at the London School of Economics, who banned the wearing of t-shirts that made fun of Jesus and Mohamed because some other students were “offended.”


Dawkins apparently tweeted that he was offended by people wearing baseball caps backwards, chewing gum, and the use of the word ‘awesome’ – and asked the student union to ban those things as well.  I have to agree with Dawkins here.  (And sometimes I’m offended by people wearing orange and blue together.)  I may not like people mocking Jesus.  I may be even offended, but my faith has to be strong enough to bear the attack.  Paul suffered far more abuse.  Jesus turned the other cheek and gave us the Golden Rule.  We will only win people to the truth through gentleness and respect – not censorship or verbal abuse.


“There is something very disturbing about the curtailing of free speech on university campuses simply on the grounds of claimed offense. Being offended from time to time is the price you pay for living in an open and free society. If any religion is off-limits for open debate we are in a very dangerous situation.”  Again, not only do I agree, but its said so well, I wish I had said it (even though it’s a quote from Stephen Evans of the National Secular Society).

One more thing for the London School of Economics – I’m offended by Keynesian economic policy.
**Prig – a self-righteously moralistic person who behaves as if superior to others.  [Sorry, my six weeks in Oxford has not worn off fully yet.]

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