Beginning the Run

Dr. Mumper confirmed that I was a walking, Type II diabetes time bomb – I was overweight with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. . . . I had a serious and immediate health situation.  I had to get going.  Winter was upon us, so I went to the YMCA and climbed back on a treadmill.

 (excerpt from The Race Before Us: A Journey of Running and Faith)

The quotation above is taken from my book – The Race Before Us: A Journey of Running and Faith.  My decision to start running was part of a need to grapple with some health concerns that I was facing as I was about to turn 50 years of age.  Like many others who blog on running, faith (or cooking or politics or any other topic), there is typically a desire that others might learn from the experiences and expertise the blogger has gained.  That was certainly my motivation in writing a book about my “journey” and as a Christian we might say it is a way to “witness” to others.

I’ve said often about my journey, “if I could do it, anyone could do it”.  (With the book release I have been trying to understand and use Twitter.  One of my new “Followers” has on her Twitter page almost the same quotation – “If I can run, anyone can run.” Thanks @corinnebaur.) Like Corinne, I believe that.  In January of 2007, I could not run even a mile.  (If you are one that doesn’t like to know the resolution of a plot before it is revealed – you may want to skip to the next paragraph.)  Eleven months later I ran (and completed) the New York City marathon.  I will use this blog then to recall much of my adventure in learning to become a runner and trying to complete a 10K and attempting longer distances. I hope that some might be inspired to take that first step, whether it be to begin a walking program or a commitment to run their first 5K.

Because the journey turned into a spiritual quest as well as a physical challenge, blog posts will alternate generally between the running (what I often refer to as “The Run”) and the spiritual (what I often refer to as “The Race”) journey.  In fact, a unique feature of my book is that it has two Forewords.  Olympic gold medalist in the marathon at the 1968 Munich games, Frank Shorter, wrote “The Run” Foreword, and internationally well-known Christian speaker, author, and apologist, Ravi Zacharias, wrote “The Race” Foreword.  In adition to encouraging novice runners, I how Christians seeking to become amateur apologists and others with questions or doubts about the Christian faith will also follow the journey of this blog as it tackles many questions I raised (and most people eventually face) in The Race Before Us.


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  1. #1 by Raper, Thomas C. on September 16, 2013 - 12:50 pm

    Nice post Bruce. Hope you are doing well. Speaking of running…we do 16 Saturday. Hope it is cool!

    FYI I have a pretty current email list for our 2010 class. Happy to send out something on the book for you if you would like!

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