Contest – Winner

The answer to the contest puzzle is:

What is Mere Christianity?

We only had one winner – congratulations again Heather.

Mere Christianity is a book written by C.S. Lewis. 


Here’s a review of the posts and the clues:

1. Author’s Clearing House – You Too Can Win!

Here the clue was Magdelan College – where C.S. Lewis was a professor and where he converted from atheism to Christianity.  Magdelan College includes Addison’s Walk.

2. Contest Clue – # 2

Here there were a few clues.  First, you were given that the first word was four letters.  Then you were given two photographs of the Eagle & Child pub, where C.S. Lewis meet with JRR Tolkein and others to discuss their writing and other important matters.

3. Contest Clue – # 3

 Here the poem about Oxford was written by – C.S. Lewis.

4. Contest Clue – # 4

 Here it is confirmed by the addition of the question mark and the Jeopardy photo that the answer is a four-word question.  There was a bonus clue this week:  Francis Collins, Charles Colson and thousands of people have said that reading Mere Christianity played a significant role in coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

5. Contest Clue – # 5

This clue was packed with clues,  First I mentioned that I would be studying the works and life of C.S. Lewis.  Then you learn that the first word of the answer is “What” and that the second word is two letters.  If you had Googled the quotation you would have learned it was from C.S. Lewis.  (Mere Christianity is the most popular of all of his writings.) The bonus clue for LeClairRyan readers was that just before I left for Oxford I met with Gary, who offered that he planned to reread Mere Christianity this summer.

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