Author’s Clearing House – You Too Can Win!

Just to have some fun, I thought we would have a contest – with real prizes. 

Publishers Clearing House

You may not be America’s next $10,000,000 winner, although I hope you are – you just won’t achieve that status by winning this contest.  (You might win a first edition, author-signed edition of The Race Before Us.)  So I was thinking, what type of contest would work and be fun?  I quickly realized if I was to ask who are the Oxford Martyrs or the dining hall of which college was the model for the dinning room in Harry Potter, or which pub did William Jefferson Clinton help immortalize in Oxford, it would just add to the few searches that Google runs everyday.  So, what might work?  Something like “Jeopardy” – maybe, but that would be another Google race wouldn’t it?  Then I remembered that Cheryl does a puzzle almost everyday where you need to take letters from a puzzle to contruct a word or short sentence.  So, adapting from that model, the contest will be:  who can use clues from reading this blog to fill in the following four word sentence:

__________    __________    __________    ___________

I will provide a new “clue” each week.

Magdalen College2

(Magdalen College)

  1. #1 by Gerald Ransone on June 3, 2013 - 11:34 pm

    Great idea. Without a clue try ‘HALL’.

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